Once Upon A Time… My Natural Hair Journey

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By: NaturallyTriece


So, as many of my readers may know, I have been writing quite a bit about natural hair and the reason being is because I am natural (just in case my signature photo never gave it away). I have had relaxers in the previous years of my life, when I was a child and even in my adult life. My reasoning for going natural may not be the same as everyone else’s but I’m sure that there is a woman out there right now that is going through or has gone through the natural journey before.

The reason why I call it a natural journey is because it is just that. Natural hair is one of the biggest trends amongst the African American community at this given time and one that I am sure will soon become a house hold life style.

My natural journey started when I was a freshman in college. I went to a small university in a small town, no black salons, no beauty supply stores, nothing that could possibly help me to take care of my hair. I would only shampoo and condition my hair, and that’s when I just decided that I would never get a relaxer again, or so I thought. I loved all of my natural hair but wore twist outs only when my hair wasn’t straightened…


Straightening was my best friend, but also my worst enemy. I wasn’t fully ready to commit to the natural lifestyle, so I prolonged as much as I could until my Junior year of college when my favorite Chi flat iron broke!


When my iron broke I didn’t know what to do so I wore my natural hair around my college campus… And honey let me tell you, it looked a MESS! I had no idea what I was doing and was tired of being laughed at because I looked like a freakin’1+ basket case.


So, finally I broke down and bought a relaxer from the local Walmart. Some boxed relaxer that basically took my hair from luscious to ludicrous. I regretted the change so bad and decided that I wouldn’t do it again. So I didn’t, until I finally left college and decided to go to Beauty School.


I never knew how curious I was about chemicals until I got to Beauty School, learning from all of those “not black” teachers about African American products and thinking to myself, well if I do it this way then everything should be fine… Ummm, no. I got another relaxer based off of impulse, only a year after I left college and regretted it once again, but this time I regretted it because one of my Beauty School educators told me to leave the relaxer on until my hair laid flat to my scalp… Needless to say, I over processed my hair and that caused a large majority of it to fall out.

Even though many of my friends practically begged me not to get a relaxer for another time, I didn’t want to listen. Instead I took the advice of my Beauty School teacher and made myself look like a bald bumpkin.

So, after all of that I just said, you know what? I have had so many horrible experiences with relaxers that I am NEVER getting another… And I am sticking to my word. I have been natural for a total of 10 months and I have not looked back.

Thanks for Reading & Good Luck!