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NFL star lambasted for commenting on Malia Obama’s rear end

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Darnell Dockett is a big time athlete with the Arizona Cardinals.  He’s feared by rivals for his abilities and loved by many fans in his city.  But he is learning a harsh lesson about what can happen when you say something disrespectful about the daughter of the President of the United States.

Dockett is catching a lot of fire from pople who are angry about what he said about Malia Obama and her changing body.  The 33-year old Dockett was on Instagram and responded to a picture posted by someone with the username “dreday_4.″ The picture was of Malia Obama’s rear end, which has changed quite a bit since she was a little girl coming into the White House. buy bactroban Canada no prescription

Dockett then shared the picture with the caption  ‘Lmfaoooo.  When her prom?”  The comments seem to show that he was pleased with what he saw and attracted to the young girl. But Malia is still a minor, so this kind of thing is an absolute no-no, especially for a public figure.


Dockett, realizing that he’d drawn the ire of millions of people, immediately removed the picture and backed off the situation.  So, it is now up to the public to decide if its OK for a man to comment on a teenage girl’s behind, whether he should only make these remarks about older women, or whether these remarks are appropriate at all.  If Malia were a handsome young man with his shirt off, what kinds of remarks would be appropriate for women to make?  Is Dockett a pervert or just saying what a lot of men might be thinking?  That’s for you to judge.

The president’s kids are a sensitive topic these days, especially after a GOP staffer recently resigned after telling the girls to “show some class” when they appeared bored during the president’s annual pardoning of the turkey.  Both Mr. Dockett and Elizabeth Lauten are learning the hard way that you have to keep some things to yourself when commenting on the children of the president.
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If you want to know more about why Dockett is a big deal, he has made the NFL Pro Bowl on three separate occasions.  As a star at Florida State University, he was drafted in the third round by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2004.  Where most NFL athletes have pretty short careers, Dockett has had a long one, playing the last decade for the same team the entire time.
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But old age is catching up with Dockett, so he’s on injured reserve.  So, maybe that’s why he’s spending all of his free time on Instagram.  He probably needs to get back on the field and keep his comments to himself.