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NaturallyTriece: Good Morning! Natural Hair, Individuality & Curly Nikki

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By: Naturally Triece Natural hair blogger

Curly Nikki was born and raised in Missouri. Growing up in Ferguson, Curly Nikki, whose birth name is Nikki Walton, was a young lady who loved to get her hair pressed and straightened. Doing this particular hair technique all the way up into the time that she left for college, it was a hard cycle to break.

In the video below, Curly Nikki explains why she decided to break her own cycle and how the natural blogging business has been good to her.

She is an innovator with a goal in mind that could possibly change the black hair industry forever. My take on the video its self is that Curly Nikki has made a move that a lot of women would have been afraid to make 6 years ago when she started marketing her brand, but that’s what it takes to make a difference.

We all need to look inside of ourselves and figure out what it takes to be unique and special in every way imaginable. Being the voice and face of your own brand can take you places that you would have never imagined, whether it be blogging about beauty, knowledge, political views, African American businesses, or the Rights and Will of all Americans as a whole, there is always something that you can say or do that someone else may be too afraid to say or do.

Going natural can give us all a sense of individuality and empowerment that we never thought that we would have. (Not natural just in a hair sense, but when I say natural I mean just naturally being ourselves.) It can bring about acceptance of self as well as experimenting.

Trying new things as well as showing the world what we have tried. So, if you are on the fence about where to start and what to do, all I can tell you is to JUST DO IT and allow the rest to fall into place.   Thanks For Reading & Enjoy This Little Treat By Curly Nikki


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