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Naturally Triece: New Years Makeup Tutorial (Video Inside)

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By: Naturally Triece

I am extremely excited to announce that I have made my very first real Youtube tutorial, and who better to share it with than you guys? Even though I made the eye brow video, this time I actually figured out how to work all of this computer savvy nonsense.

In the video shown below I show you guys my whole entire look from start to finish. Starting with the eyebrows. The eye brows are what people seem to have to biggest issue with because some feel that it is the hardest part of doing your own makeup and I will totally agree. The only thing that I will tell you is that your eye brows are sisters… Their not twins. They will look a little different but that is totally okay. No one will notice the difference unless they stare into your face. (They shouldn’t be that dang close.)

The concealer that I use on the bottom of my brows is the Rimmel London concealer. Now, the reason why I use this concealer is because it gives your brow bone a nice high light. On the top of my brows I use the MAC foundation in NC45. I use this foundation all over my face as well. The reason why I use it on the top part of my eye brows is because I have learned after many years of doing my own makeup, that if you put a color on the top of your brows that is too light then your eye brows will look too bold and we are going for a natural look in this video…

After doing the brows I move on to the eye shadows. The shadows that I use are the BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette that carries 120 colors. The main color that I chose to use for the video was the Rose Gold. It is a very pretty & very pigmented color that is to die for. I give myself a smoky look with winged liner and eye lashes.

Disclaimer: I hate putting on eye liner because it almost never turns out the way that I want it… Please be patient with me. lol

I won’t give away the whole entire video, there is so much more to see. Stay tuned & Enjoy!

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