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Mother of Man Who Kιlled NYPD Cops Apologizes to Families

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The 54 year old mother of the man who kιlled two NYPD officers is Dabreapologizing to the family of the men.

Shakuwra Dabre offered her sincerest apologies on Monday to the families of two NYPD officers gunned down on Saturday, saying she was “deeply sorry.”

“I am still deeply sorry about what happened at the hands of my son,” she told the Daily News. “And please accept my deepest condolences, sincerely.”

Dabre also expressed her heartfelt loss at losing a child.

“As a mother now I hurt for the loss of my son. Just like they’re hurting for the loss of their sons.”

Dabre revealed that her son suffered from mental illness but refused to get help.

“Unfortunately, this situation happened and it culminated in the end of his life and the tragic loss of two innocent police officers,” she said.

Dabre says the mother of her son’s child reached out to let her know that her son was in danger. She rushed home and saw on her laptop the image of a man on a stretcher.

“I knew he was dead when I looked. I knew. He was gone. I knew he was my son,” Dabre said.

“I was so torn when I saw him on that stretcher,” she said. “Then I found out too that he did that. And I was horrified. Because I didn’t want no loss of nobody’s life.”

She then described her son as she knew him.

“He was a very charismatic, likeable young man. He was very intelligent. He was witty. If he could channel his energies properly, he could’ve grown up to be a very good outstanding young man. And I had high hopes for him,” she said.