Metta World Triece: 6 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy

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by: Metta World Triece

1. Comb Your Hair With Care

  • The best method for combing your hair is to use a wide tooth comb. It helps with tangling and decreases shedding or massive hair loss.
  • When combing your hair, begin combing from the ends and work your way up to the roots. It’s a lot less painful.
  • Avoid trying to comb your hair after it has air dried. It hurts! (Trust me, I know…)


2. Be Sure To Regularly Wash Your Hair

  • Be sure to wash your hair at least once a week.
  • Do “Wash & Go’s” through out the week in order to be sure that your hair stays moisturized. Wash & Go’s are a method that naturals should use where you only use conditioner. No shampoo. This will help to keep your scalp healthy through out the week, and it especially helps with dryness during the winter seasons.


3. Use Vegetable or Animal Based Oils

  • Using oils can help to moisturize the hair but they can also help to give the hair protein as they absorb into the hair very well.
  • Use oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil give the hair thickness, moisture and natural shine.


4. Avoid Using Bad Hair Products…

  • Avoid using any hair products that are alcohol based. These products can dry out the scalp (which causes massive itching), dry out the hair strands, and cause the hair to become brittle and break.


5. Use Minimal Heat

  • Use low heating temperatures when flat ironing, curling or blow drying. I usually start out using 375° on clients just because at that point you can always work your way up the degree scale with out going too hot before you decide to turn down the heat… Remember once you burn the hair it can’t be returned back to health.


6. And last but not least… If you want to try any chemicals please just leave that to the professionals.


These tips are here to help you grow beautiful and healthy hair. Read and learn… And before you know your hair will be lushes, fabulous, and full. I personally wouldn’t want it any other way.


Thanks for reading!
Please feel free to comment and share!


Metta World Triece

“Your Natural Hair Sista!”

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