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Metta World Triece: Sorority Sisters… A New VH1 Show? Oh, My!

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sorority sisters


After I thought that Mona Scott Young had done it all she has done it again… Making the black community, especially women, look a hot mess is what she thinks about how to do the most… But it’s all for the love of ratings, of course.

This Monday there will be  a new show taking over VH1 on Monday nights called, ‘Sorority Sisters’. I’m sure we can all think about the drama and hassle that this show is going to bring and sadly some will absolutely love it. But the individuals with the most sense will protest the hell out of this bull crap! Right?

This show follows the lives of individual women from four different sororities and offers to spill all the tea  that being in a black sorority can bring. Sounds like a classy-ratchetter version of Love & Hip Hop. Thank God I never pledged. I do not have to worry about the ignorance from others because of this stupid show.

But who am I? I haven’t even seen the damn show yet. So maybe I should just watch the show first and then get back to you guys with an opinion of some sort. Mama always said, you should never judge a book by its cover… Sorry mama.

But any who, there are some sororities around the country who feel that the show should not air at all. Would you agree? Please give your thoughts and just let me know how you feel.  Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about. He words everything perfectly… Even the points that I may have missed…

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