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Metta World Triece: Celebrity Stylist Emily B. & Rapper Fabolous Are Having Another Baby!

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By: Metta World Triece


Rumor has it that VH1 “Love & Hip Hop New York” star Emily B. is going into her second trimester with another “fabolous” baby by her long time love and famous rap star, Fabolous. Inside sources say that the amazing stylist of the stars is already showing… That must be the reason why she has not shown any belly and or full body shots as of lately. She and Fabolous already have a son together by the name of Johonne and she has a 16 year old daughter, Taina, from a previous relationship.

Fabolous and Emily have had an off again, on again relationship for over a decade. So could there possibly be any wedding bells?

The administration of NaturallyMoi want to say that if this so called rumor is true then we wish them luck in their adventures of starting all over again with another child, we are sure the newest addition to the family will be just as F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S. as this amazing couple and their other two kids.

Congratulations guys!




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