Metta World Triece: 6 Makeup Substitutes For All Black Women

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Now, if you are a girly girl like me then you know what it is like to spend hundreds of dollars a year on expensive make up brands just to be able to say that you have it. But what about those months when you have sudden obligations that tend to take more money and time than expected (like your car needs fixing, your hot water heater breaks, or some other bill that just can’t wait), and you are also running out of your favorite MAC foundation as well as your favorite NARZ blush and your naked palette has just recently broken  but you can’t pay the $50 to get another? Well, this issue is something that is not uncommon, but here are some cheaper options to help you get through those “struggleful” months in the BEAT department.
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1. Mascara: Those lashes just won’t “POP!” with out an amazing mascara. But instead of spending $20 on my favorite MAC mascara every time I run out, my other alternative is the NYC Mascara which gives my lashes length and still allows my eyes to look open with out  me actually having to fully wake up for the day. It’s a great dupe that no woman can go wrong with and it is only $2.99!!!! Say what?! Yes girl! $2.99!


2. Blush: Even though some women are lucky to have adorable, puffy, pink cheeks that doesn’t mean that I was and I am sure that there are some women that can relate to my statement. It seems like if you don’t put blush on with all of the rest of your make up then it defeats the purpose of putting on any make up. Your face is just… There… So here is a blush that I absolutely live by and would recommend to any one who just needs a nice blush that they can use every single day for a little glow, yet still look extremely natural… I always use and live by NYX Cheek Glow. It is only $4.99 and you can get it from Ulta and they just recently began to sell in Target. This blush has a slight shear but not too much, so it’s not unbearable.


3. Lip Stick, Gloss or Glass: Now, if you know MAC then you know Oyster Girl lip glass! This lip glass is absolutely amazing, translucent but still gives a nice pink tint to the lips. This lip glass is typically $15 but when looking for the cheaper choice I would recommend for anyone to use any NYX lip stick or lip gloss. They range from about $4 to $7 a piece. The thing that I love about these ‘lippies’ is that some are glossy and some are matte but what I normally do is purchase a matte lip gloss from NYX and a clear gloss so if I ever decide that I don’t want to wear a matte lip on one particular day then I can just put a little gloss on top of it… I swear… It works just as good!


4. Eye Shadow: I personally don’t like to spend a lot of money on eye shadows just because I feel like they all give off the same affect but I will recommend some of my favorites and they are Wet & Wild Eye Shadows which are only $.99 a piece, The Nude Palette (similar to the Naked Palette, but $40 cheaper) $13.99, and the Color Tattoo $5.69 a pot.



5. Concealer: Every woman that knows makeup also knows that concealer is what makes the look pop to perfection. Concealer is usually used to make the under eye brighter, get rid of bags and add a nice highlight to the face or contour (for those who have chubby cheeks like me). Now I prefer the MAC concealers that give the skin a nice glow but the more affordable choice that works just as good would be the L.A. Girl Concealer, only $2.49 a tube.


6. Foundation: Last But Never Least! The most important part of the make up process is indeed the foundation. When you run out of foundation it feels almost like your makeup has gone straight to hell. Without the foundation your makeup is pointless. I wear the MAC ProLong Wear Foundation (yes, I love MAC) but when I run out during those random times of the year I will run to WalMart to pick up the Rimmel London foundation in the glass bottle, $4.99, but my all time favorite foundation as of lately is the CoverGirl Queen 3-in-1 foundation that works like a dream for only $9.95. This foundation is pretty special because it is especially designed with African American women in mind, it has foundation, primer and concealer all in one bottle. You won’t recent this product!



So, there it is ladies! Everything that I know about the cheaper options that will still give you that expensive feel. I had so much fun writing this article as well as also learning some new things about the products that I tend to use.

Thank you for reading & Be Blessed!



Metta World Triece

“Your Natural Hair Sista”

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  1. Catherine

    December 16, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Great tips. Love nyx

  2. Auburn Middleton

    December 16, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Yassss!!!!!!!!!! Awesome post, I needed this so bad. I absolutely love NYX. Could you please post some pictures of your makeup. Yours always looks awesome in your pictures and on your facebook page! muah!

  3. Billie J. Hood

    December 16, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Thank you so much for the information. I too am a Mac Mature woman, but I still love my make up and heel,
    and will not go out of the house without my war paint, as my husband calls it. I spent several months looking for the darker lip stick pencil, finally found them. All NYX, but must be on sale. Have never used L.A. girl, but I will start looking tomorrow. Again thank you, every penny counts.

    • patrice

      December 17, 2014 at 12:14 am

      My mom uses the LA Girl to contour her cheeks as well as I do and it works great on her
      Another brand you could look at too if you are interested is Black Opal. Made by blacks for blacks…

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