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Metta World Triece: 4 Simple Feminine Ways To Boost A Black Mans Ego

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1.  Recognize Your Role In Your Relationship

Men and women are the same, but they are still extremely different. It’s almost like a parrot and an eagle. They are both members of the bird family but one can talk and the other can’t.

This is the same case for women and men. They are both human beings but they play totally different roles in the game of life.

  1. Remember That Your Role Is Just As Important As Yours

Men are no better than women and vise versa. Women (specifically housewives) have to recognize that they can be just as submissive as they wish but also realize that they hold their household together emotionally and mentally just as the men who hold it together financially. Black families need all three factors in order to be successful.

  1. Don’t Give Up Your Feminine Ways

There is nothing wrong with being a women with a strong mind and voice. I don’t know too many men who don’t want a woman with major confidence. Men find it attractive when their woman dresses nicely, speaks nicely and acts like the lady that he can be proud of.

  1. Cover Up His Belongings

Real men who love their women don’t want them to walk out of the house with their butts and boobs showing. If a woman puts her whole entire body on display for the world to see then she is clearly advertising in hopes to find a new “buyer”. A woman who gives very little to show is clearly not trying to seek the approval of others, she is simply letting her spouse know that what is hers is his. In turn, when men feel like they have something that the world couldn’t even touch then they feel a sense of strength, power and ownership.

(And before anybody even says it… Women are not property, I am simply saying that when a woman gives herself to the person that she loves, she is not doing so in hopes of finding someone else to give it to a couple of weeks later)


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