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Metta World Triece: 3 Reasons Why Black Women Need Their Fathers

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I was inspired to write this article after having multiple conversations with women whom I have had close encounters with, about their relationships with their fathers. It caused me to review my own relationship with my father and some things that I feel that every girl deserves from her theirs.

  1. To Understand Men

I can speak from experience that I have had situations where I would deal with certain men in my life and feel confusion as well and misunderstanding because I did not know how to handle the situation or the individual that I was in the situation with.

Not just in relationships but dealing with male teachers, male bosses, male friends, my brother or my step father.

  1. To Understand What Unconditional Love Is

Sad to say, but there are a lot of women who don’t know what this feels like. They only know that if they are in a relationship then they will have to change who they are in order to get a man to ‘love’ them. This is something that is constant in women who don’t have a father or that figure in their lives. They want to feel love so they are willing to constantly change who they are in order to feel what they should have felt from their fathers.

  1. For Upliftment & Encouragement

As children we are always taught never to give up in the things that we desire in life and one of a girl’s biggest supporters and cheerleaders can be her dad. Fathers play a huge role in how young girls and older women feel about themselves whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically.

I am a woman who believes that it is extremely important for fathers to stay in their daughters lives and continue to give them everything that they need whether it be emotional support, understanding of the things around them, understanding of how they should be treated as well as how they treat others, and just being told that they are beautiful inside and out… Every single day.

My relationship with my father is very important to me because I feel that no other man will be able to love me the way that he does. And when he gives me away to my future husband I will be trusting that he will only give me away to nothing less than the best, because that is what every little girl deserves.

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