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Mary J. Blige: “I’m Not Trying to Keep It Real, I AM Real”

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In a wide ranging interview with NPR, R&B singer Mary J. Blige opened up to Jason King bligeabout her life, and more specifically, her multi-Grammy award winning career.

In discussing her most recent album, The London Sessions, Blige told King that she decided to go to London to shake things up a bit.

“No one’s gonna take me out of the box,” she says. “I feel stagnant. Stuck. Stale. I gots to move on. I gotta get out of here. And that’s why I went and took the jump to London.”

When asked whether she’s worried about becoming inaccessible to fans due to her stardom, the R&B phenomenon made it clear that she keeps her fans first.

” No, I don’t worry about that because I am that. I’m very accessible. My clothes game has always been what it is, since What’s the 411? I love fashion. I love to look great. But at the same time, my fans can hug me. They can touch me. They can talk to me. When they see me on the street, they can cry and tell me that this song almost saved their lives,” said Blige, adding, “And even with this London Sessions and everything that I’m doing right now, once they sit in front of me, or once they hear the life experiences in the song, through my voice, they’re like, ‘Gosh. She’s still that.’ And I’m not worried, trying to keep it real. I am real.”

Regarding whether she’s giving up her crown as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Blige offers a surprising answer.

“I think it represents a genre of music. And I am the queen of that genre of music. Am I gonna say, “Oh, ixnay, don’t call me that”? I can’t do that, because for 20 years, a generation, and other generations, have respected me, and known me, and have come with me on this journey because of The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul title. So I can’t close that book. I have to leave that book open. Because that is a part of the Mary J. Blige history book, and legacy. But, in evolution right now, as we move forward, I’m more than just that.”





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