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Johnny Gill: I Am Not Gay; Takes Lie Detector Test

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johnny gillBy Tamala Perkins

Johnny Gill has had a big question mark hanging over him for many years, with many people wondering if he is gay. Some rumors even went as far as tying him to Eddie Murphy, suggesting that Murphy and Gill were secret lovers.

For many celebrities, when there is a rumor about them, they can either ignore it and hope that it fades away or just address it head on and hopefully put an end to it. Murphy and Gill have always been very close friends and have both been aware of the rumors surrounding their orientation but both generally chose not to address the rumors. As with many rumors, their lack of response only made the rumors worse.

In a recent turn of events, Gill has decided that maybe his strategy of ignoring the rumors may not be a great one. Recently, while at The Breakfast Club, promoting his new album, Game Changer, he decided to speak honestly about his relationship with Murphy.

The singer says that he knew he had to do something about the gay rumors when they started to really affect his personal life. He clarified that proving he wasn’t gay wasn’t something he did for the general public but instead for a woman he was dating (now his ex). He knew he had to do something when she told him that she was hearing rumors about him and Murphy. Gill shares that he couldn’t imagine being with his wife and sharing a bed with her while she had doubts about him. He wanted her to be completely sure that the whispers were not true so he encouraged her to write down some questions and he wrote some too and a lie detector test was administered.

When the results came back, Gill says that his ex assured him that she never doubted him. He also had a talk with her and let her know that “people talk”.

In recent months Gill has also been linked to Sherri Shepherd with whispers that they may be in a romantic relationship since she separated from her soon-to-be ex-husband. Shepherd has said that her and Gill are just friends.