How To Make Perfect Brows…

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By: Naturally Triece

There are so many things that I could say about this particular topic. The do’s as well as the don’ts. But I’m just going to go straight into it…

1. So first!

All of things that you must have are a brow pencil or brow palette, a concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin complexion, a small concealer brush and a spooley (or brand new tooth brush… It sounds ghetto but I can say that an unused tooth brush works really well). Some women like to use the powder, but as for myself, I like to use the pencil. I would recommend to never use a black eye pencil, the reason being is because sometimes the brows can come out extremely harsh, like Etta James harsh. No disrespect to a musical legend, but that was her trend during her time… It’s 2014…

I would recommend using a dark brown pencil if you have dark brown eyebrows (like me) and if your brows are lighter than mine then I would recommend using a pencil that matches the color of your brows. (Colors that are too light won’t show up and colors that are too dark won’t dull out.)

2. Measure your eye brows to be sure that you draw them on properly. Measuring from corner to corner is the best way to be sure that your brows match the shape of your eye as well as the shape of your face. Your brows should never go past the frame of you eyes.

You can measure with a orange wood stick or a q-tip… I have even measured with a small ruler before, from the dollar store.

3. When you begin to use your eye brow palette or pencil, which ever you prefer, please remember to use light sweeping strokes. You want your eye brows to look like your natural brows, you don’t want them to look drawn on. You want people to ask you why your brows look so perfect and who do you go to to get them done, because they look just that good.

4. After you have successfully drawn your brows on be sure to use your concealer brush and concealer to clean them up at the end… I use a lighter concealer on the bottom part of my brows and then I use my foundation on the top part of my brows just to give them a more natural affect…

The video down below is not professionally done, it was done with my webcam, but it will give you great details of exactly what I am talking about. I wanted to make this video because so many people ask me how I do my eye brows on a daily bases. Now, please keep in mind that I will only be doing the brows in this video, I won’t be doing a full face of make up routine because the brows are the highlight of this video. This is just something that is quick and easy, just for you… Enjoy!

Thank You and Enjoy!



Naturally Triece

relaxed ahir


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