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Customer Gives Whataburger Employee $10,000 Mink Coat in Drive-Thru

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A Texas Whataburger employee couldn’t have imagined the incredible act offur coat generosity that followed her compliment to a customer.

Cheryl Semien says she was working the drive-thru at around 10am on Wednesday when she complimented a customer on her Mink fur. Semien said it just so happened that Wednesday was also her birthday. In an overwhelming show of kindness, the customer gave Semien her coat.

“She was a perfect stranger, I didn’t know this lady from nowhere,” said Semien. “I didn’t see her come through my drive-thru window as long as I’ve been at Whataburger for nine years.”

ABC 13 tracked down the woman who didn’t want to speak about the gift at first, but later agreed.

The woman, Nadine, says she just did what she felt was right in that moment. She estimated that the coat is worth $10,000.

“The lady said that’s a beautiful coat and she was so sweet,” said Nadine. “So I took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window.”

This level of kindness isn’t something you see everyday but it is heartwarming to watch it unfold during the holiday season.

Whataburger employees said Semien’s reaction to the gift was almost as good as the gift itself. They said the employee was screaming with glee at having been gifted such a lovely fur.

Customers who witnessed the special moment said they were warmed and lucky to have been in the restaurant to witness it.

“It’s good to know we still have people who wants to gives, and hogs off and does it,” said customer Evelyn Moore.