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Boy Dies From Questionable Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound One Day Before 16th Birthday

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Reported by Nigel Boys

In what his family believes to be a tragic accident, 15-year-old Blake Hannett died from a gunshot wound to the head while talking with a fellow classmate on FaceTime. He was a student at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois, where he was completing his sophomore year.

Hannet’s family believes that he had heard an intruder in the house and took the family weapon to look for an intruder, later placing the gun down in his bedroom, where it accidentally discharged killing him, according to ABC 11 Eyewitness News. However, since he was home alone when the tragedy took place, no one can verify if this is the correct sequence of events.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ruled his death a suicide the next day after examining evidence when the police found him slumped at his desk with the gun on the floor. The investigation is continuing, but they have yet to release details if the boy who Hannett was talking to at the time, can enlighten further as to what happened.

The incident was discovered when police responded to the home in the 2700 block of Lake Park Drive, Lynwood on Thursday, after a report of someone hearing gunshots, according to police reports. They said there was no forced sign of entry into the home and initially believed the shooting to be an accident until the coroner ruled suicide.

On the official website of Hannett’s school they wrote: “The Marian Catholic Community grieves the unexpected loss of sophomore student, Blake Hannett, who passed away on Thursday night, December 11. His friendly outgoing personality and sense of humor helped to promote a team spirit both in the classroom and in the band.” It continued, “His million dollar smile and joyful spirit will be missed in the hallways of Marian Catholic but never forgotten. We are deeply saddened by his death. Counselors are available to the Marian student body throughout the day on Friday and in the future.”

According to reports, Hannett’s 16th birthday would have been the following day.