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Bill Cosby accusers might have been saved if they’d had one of these

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Reported by Kacie Whaley

From the Bill Cosby drugging and rape allegations to the #IAmJada hashtag, the topic of assault on women has been quite prevalent this year and has raised new concerns on what women can do to stay safe.  A new gadget that comes in the form of a stylish charm  claims to be one smart way to help women feel secure no matter where they are or who they’re with.

Stiletto Charms is a security system disguised as a piece of jewelry that can hook onto bracelets, necklaces, and several other items that a woman may wear, Madame Noire reported.  It syncs with Androids and Iphones to carry out several different surveillance functions.  Once the wearer presses the pendant, the gadget can call 911 and/or send a text to emergency contacts within the phone that includes a selfie and/or the wearer’s location.  The device is water-proof, has rechargeable batteries, and is said to be quite durable.

The charm’s appearance is made to blend in with regular jewelry.  It is made with a gold or silver stainless steel rim and semi-precious gemstones.

On its website, Stiletto also prides itself on being a security system that does not require any speaking or sound, since a woman may put herself in a position of more danger if noise is made when she is already in a cautious situation:

There are many emergency situations where you cannot speak. For example, you may be physically restrained from speaking, suffering from an injury that results in you being unable to speak, or you may be in a situation where the threat is ongoing and where making any sound may endanger you or others. Stiletto is the first and only voice-assisted alert system that can help ensure that 911 recognizes your call as a legitimate call for help and responds appropriately without you needing to speak.

The price for the jewelry starts at $179.

Would you buy a Stiletto charm?


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