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Angela Braden: Camille, your husband is probably a rapist, why are you so quiet?

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Update on this post:  Shortly after Angela Braden completed her article, Camille Cosby did issue a statement defending her husband to the public.  You can read what Camille had to say here. 


By: Angela L. Braden

While Camille Cosby continues to remain a steadfast member of the silent wives club, her husband, Bill Cosby, praises her for her “strength in womanhood” as dozens of women come forward, accusing the iconic television dad of being a serial rapist.

Camille Cosby is only one of many wives that choose to keep her lips zipped while the news media blabbers on and on about the stories told by their husbands’ accusers. Remember Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State, US Senator, and possible future presidential candidate? When her husband was being accused of having “sexual relations” in the oval office with a former White house intern, she also wore a pasted on smile and said nothing.

As of today, Mrs. Cosby, who has been married to the accused rapist for over fifty years, continues to say absolutely nothing about dozens of women coming forward accusing her husband of first drugging them and then raping them while her husband was supposed to be only committed to her. Interestingly, many of these women have said that the alleged sexual assault occurred in the same home that Camille lived in wither husband. Yet and still, Camille doesn’t utter a word to the countless journalists that have been clamoring for one word from the wife of the embattled Bill Cosby.

It’s difficult to interpret what Camille Cosby’s silence is really saying. Her husband, however, translates her silence as strength, support, and love. In a telephone interview, Bill Cosby stated that his marriage with Camille remains “intact” despite the many inflammatory accusations that continue to pop up almost every day. And who can really refute that when the wife has committed herself to the idea of “standing by her man” from the vantage point of the news media.

Apparently, Camille is taking a page out of her husband’s playbook. Bill Cosby has remained tight lipped about the many accusations as well. The superstar states that he has been directed to not speak on the accusations with the media.

The question is whether or not this commitment to silence is serving the image of Bill Cosby well. Many of Bill Cosby’s fans would like for their favorite television dad to speak openly about the accusations. Some have even thought of his silence as guilt. It remains to be seen if silence is the best defense for the 77-year-old pop icon. Likewise, time will only tell if Camille’s current silence is an endorsement of her husband’s behavior or a wife’s attempt to shield herself from the news media, which is loyal to one thing: ratings.

Angela L. Braden is a professional speaker, writer, and college educator. Angela blogs about her experiences as a blind woman at