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Abusive Love: 6 Reasons Why She Won’t Leave

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By: MettaWorldTrece

After all of this crazy Ray Rice business, I have decided to write an article on something that is very controversial, yet extremely common. The percentage of women who stay in abusive relationships is unknown, but the percentage of women who are killed when they try to leave is approximately 75% or more.

After reading some of the disturbing statistics on this particular topic I decided to speak on the topic of why women actually stay in these relationships that are physically harming to them as well as their children.

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1. Fear

Women have fear of not knowing what could possibly happen. Many women fear the possibility of their batterer hunting them and their children down and causing bodily harm to them. Approximately 75% of women are killed when they try to leave their partners.
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2. Children

Being a single mother can be a little scary for some one who is leaving an abusive relationship. Having to raise a child or multiple children alone can be extremely hard. My mother raised my brother and I by herself, worked 2 jobs and never got any time for herself, so I can see why it would be terrifying for a mother who is used to 2 incomes and her children having everything that they need.
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3. Broken Promises Of Change

The abuser will always proclaim his love for the victim when she is headed for the door, he will promise her change and beg her to stay. I would say this usually works on either extremely naive women or women who have invested a lot of time and have seen their spouse in a different light before. Women who have been with their spouses for years always want to believe that he will go back to the man that he used to be that loved, provided and protected her.
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4. Guilt

Some women want to believe that their husbands need help and they would feel guilty if they left him in the condition that he’s in. It is not uncommon for women to believe that it is their job to save everyone, they will stay just in hopes that eventually their spouse would get better.

5. Low Self-Esteem

It is common to hear of women in abusive relationships who somehow come to a conclusion that they deserve the abuse. Some women have also claimed that their spouse may beat them because he loves them. Lack of self-esteem and not knowing of anything out there that can be better can be extremely paralyzing for any woman.


When we watch television shows and movies of women who are in abusive relationships, the first thing that usually comes out of their mouths is “but I love him”. Whether most people want to believe it or not, love and emotion don’t just simply disappear with women who have been battered. Most women want the abuse to end, but they desire that particular relationship and partner.

There are many other reasons why women stay with their abuser and there are always a million reasons why they shouldn’t stay with that partner. I just hope that if you are in an abusive relationship, you would have the strength and power to just leave. There is always something out there that is better and you are worth so much more than what you are allowing yourself to have.


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