About Last Night: Phaedra Parks PhotoShop No No! And Nicki Minaj Looking Right…

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By: MettaWorld Trece

Okay, we all know Phaedra Parks is the “Booty Queen” but it seems that after Andy Cohen’s show last night when she took a quick pic with Nicki Minaj, she was quickly put to shame. I mean come on, look at Nicki and look at Momma PhaePhae… Absolutely, under no circumstance is there any comparison of the two women.
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The reality star posted the image below to her Twitter as well as Instagram, thinking that no one would notice the difference… I guess. But what she should have photoshopped along with that baby making waist is that fat arm.

As Phaedra would say… “Chile Please!” And as I would say, “girl, get somewhere and sit yo a** down!”

Po’ Lil’ PhotoShop… Ain’t never seen nothing like it.


The photo above is so interesting in so many words because the classy attorney, Ms. Parks, claims to have been a workout instructor with estranged husband, Apollo Nida. After giving birth to Prince Aden and Mr. President it would only seem like she would never use such a lame, cheap short cut to match up to Nicki Minaj. I mean, I would think that she would just simply work out… After all, she does have the tapes for it.
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But in other light news, Nicki Minaj, Yassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving us all something to look and she looks absolutely stunning. I love this outfit that she is wearing with the long “vixen” pony, as I like to call it.

Andy was so excited to have Nicki on the show and I could not wait to watch. She was amazing and I am really loving this new light that she has been portraying herself in.

The famous rap star has been giving us nothing but natural looks! No more of those goofy looking hot pink (hot mess) wigs or the crazy and ridiculous outfits. I mean after all, she was in her 30’s when she got signed so seeing a 30-something woman in a tutu with Barbie dolls and lolly pops attached to it was a bit lame, and I’m sure it was embarrassing for her. So I like this new Nicki with her beautiful black hair, light make up and calm outfits.
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Go Nicki!

Thanks for reading!