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8 Reasons Why Women Take Back Their Cheating Men

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By: MettaWorldTrece


I don’t care about how many Beyonce and Nicki Minaj songs are written to inspire women to be feminists, lets be honest, singing those songs won’t make you leave your spouse if these 8 points play a part in your relationship…

1. She Wants To Win

Many women who take back their cheating spouses after multiple encounters of infidelity is because they cannot stand the fact that they have to admit defeat. Many will compete with other women for years, just to be able to say that they have the man that everyone seems to want.
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Lots of women cannot stand the thought of their mate being in the arms of someone else so she will try to work at the relationship with marriage and relationship counseling, to ensure the security of the relationship. She wants to be sure that every tear is stitched back to perfection.

2. She’s Afraid Of The Unknown Future

Being with someone for years and years can definitely make a woman reconsider wanting to leave her spouse. Not knowing what her future will be like if he is not apart of it. She would much rather stick with the individual just to say that he is in her life because that is where her comfort zone is.
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3. She Believes In Him

Women want to believe that their spouse will change and finally be back to the man that he once was. Many women could not put a puzzle together that pictures a cheating dog and the man who used to shower his woman with gifts daily. She believes in her heart that he will go back to the way that he used to be, that he will love her the way that he used to once again.

4. She Doesn’t Believe In Her

Self-Esteem plays a huge part in the way that a relationship can or cannot work. Women who don’t believe that they are beautiful, smart, strong, and can do with out a cheating spouse are typically the women to take them back. (Low-Self Esteem can also be the reason why men decide to go off and cheat in the first place.)

5. She Is Possessively Controlling

Some people say things like, “If I can’t have you… No one can!” and this is not a sexy or comforting statement. It’s actually pretty damn scary. Women who are at this stage in their relationships can’t stand the thought of another woman touching their man and regardless of what he has done to betray her, she will always look at the other woman as the enemy.
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6. Children Are Involved

Although it is a naïve reasoning, women will consider staying with their spouses just because they feel that it is their duty to keep their family together.

7. She Is Not Financially Stable

It is not uncommon for women to feel inferior to their spouses because he brings home the bacon. Leaving him would mean that she has to get separate accounts, separate insurance, and another place to live among many other things. This is an issue that can keep the non-gold diggers as well as gold-diggers.

8. She Loves Him

Last but never least is the Love Factor. This is the most common reason of them all, as to why women always take back cheating men. The time, emotions, and money that have been invested all roll up into one big ball called… Love.


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