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7 Ways I Resist The Urge To QUIT | Nanci Deed

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By Nanci Deed

There are times when I feel the urge to quit on my goals and dreams. The eight hundred pound gorilla jumps on my back and makes an attempt to paralyze my efforts to finish strong. Then suddenly, I realize that it’s an illusion…smoke and mirrors to get me to QUIT! During these difficult times I must find the strength and courage to keep going! Resistance and opposition shows up when I am working on something GREAT! When they call, I have learned not to answer. These two are not attracted to low hanging fruit. They prefer fruit that grows at higher altitudes. There is a unique and delicious taste that comes from fruit that grows on “successful” trees!

1.    Become still and get clear.

When I lack clarity, I become hazardous to any project that I am working on. Visualize this, you are driving down a major interstate that’s currently under construction. You see a sign that says merge right. Then 1 mile later, you read another sign that says make a U-turn. Then you see another sign that’s says road closed…confusing, right. That’s what happens when I am not clear about my goals and dreams. During these times, I remove all distractions from my life and I get still. I stop, look and listen to the quiet still voice within…the soul. My soul will never lie to me or make a mistake as it relates to giving me guidance and direction. I believe that it’s my internal compass for mastering the life that I was created to LIVE!

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