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6 Qualities A Man Cannot Resist From A Real Black Woman

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By: MettaWorldTrece


1. Confident Women

A woman with confidence is a woman who can when the heart of any man that she desires. She is proud of herself and her ability to do anything that she can put her mind to. She is appreciative of herself and the woman that she grows to become every single day. She makes mistakes but she is not ashamed of anything that she has done.
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2. Honest Women

These women tell the truth, not giving a damn when it comes to what others will think. They’re straight forward and stand behind the boundaries that they set, 100%.
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3. Patient Women

These women know how to play any situation in a very cool, calm and collected manner. They can withstand any storm and they understand that withstanding consists of TIME. They know how to work to conquer any problem and they never give up.


4. Secure Women

These women are confident in their own skin. Jealousy is no where in their vocabulary or their actions. They don’t doubt themselves and are not fearful of others. They are confident in their choosing of partners as well as their partners choice to be with them.
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5. Purposeful Women

Whether it be in her professional or personal life, these women have their goals written down on the things that they would want to achieve in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and sometimes 20 years. She knows that with the correct amount of inspiration from others as well as herself then she will be able to conquer all of her goals. She is also willing to do what ever it takes in order to bring her goals to life.


6. Valuable Women

Ducks know ducks, dogs know dogs, pigs know pigs and real women know real men. They are appreciative of every valuable lesson that a real man can bring. They love the ins and outs, and everything that she values and every moral that she lives upon is one that she wishes to find in her mate.


A great relationship habit to get into is the one where you are just as honest, caring, patient and secure as you want your spouse to be. This list can be great for dating evaluations and can also help with your elimination process. Not just for men, but for women as well.


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  1. Jayla

    December 18, 2014 at 7:40 am

    Great article. I completely agree. Which is why many nice and sweet women are single for so very long.

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