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5 Signs That You’re a ‘Natural Hair Nazi’

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Reported by Simi Afroza Mira

To be natural or not to be natural has become a hot topic in the world of hair. These days, there are experts on the subject of hair, and then there are those who believe they are experts and enjoy contributing their judgmental two cents. One of the newest groups of self-proclaimed experts are “Natural Hair Nazis.”

Natural Hair Nazi is a relatively new term, and this group truly believes they can tell you what is and is not acceptable for your hair.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to being natural, have been natural all your life, or if you’re permed-up; they will have something to share with you.

Signs of a Natural Hair Nazi

There are signs that give away the identity of a Natural Hair Nazi, and by reading over them, you can find out if you have already encountered one or if you are unknowingly a defiant Natural Nazi yourself.

  • Believes that weaves and relaxers are pretty much the devil himself
  • Believes that if it didn’t come from the sun or straight from your gene pool, then dyes and hair color are a no-no
  • Believe your curls should never be straightened, relaxed, or changed in any way
  • Despises curling irons and flat irons and believe those items have no place in the hair world.
  • Heavily promotes natural hair and is constantly including hashtags on the subject, ex. #teamnatural, #onlynaturalbaby, #realnaturalrealwoman

What Can You Do?

The first thing you have to do is decide if you or someone you know is a hair Nazi.  Every woman has the right to decide for herself whether she wants to be #teamnatural or if she perfers to add chemicals weaves, wigs, or whatever to her head.  Decide to be an expert on what is right for you and your hair, without harshly judging others. Once the judgment is gone, you will experience a new level of self love and bring the natural community closer.



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