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3 Reasons Why You Should Go Shopping After Christmas…

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By: NaturallyTriece

After spending hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on the Christmas Holiday madness, some people may wonder why it is absolutely okay for them to go shopping after Christmas. Well, I am here to give you the three best reasons that I could come up with for the post-Christmas shopping bliss.

1. Christmas Should Have Its Own Tradition…

As I blabbered about yesterday in a small video, I still stand strong on my word that Christmas is about happiness, love, joy and spending time with your family and friends. It’s not about gifts and money, it’s about the celebration of the Savior or whomever you believe in and sharing that celebration time with your family.

Gifts and money should be given on the 26th so that the materialistic side of Christmas won’t take away from the spiritual and emotional side of Christmas.

2. Sales Go On Even After Christmas…

Even with all of the hustle and bustle that people go through before Christmas, to scramble and get last minute gifts for the people that they may have forgotten, just remember that those same sales will be there on the 26th of December. Now, the sales may not be as good as the infamous Black Friday sales, but the sales are still there, and you can just exchange the things that did not fit or the things you just couldn’t get up the nerve to wear.

3. New Years Eve Is Right Around The Corner…

New Years parties and all of that jazz are so fun and what better time to find the perfect New Years outfit for yourself, as well as your children and spouse than after Christmas? You’ll be looking nice and festive as well as be able to exchange that ugly outfit that your least favorite aunt bought you.


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