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Watch Nancy Grace Destroy Officer Darren Wilson’s Splotchy Red Face Defense

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CNN’s Nancy Grace rarely goes against law enforcement, but she’s making an exception for Nancy Gracethe shoοting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson.

Grace says she was expecting to see an officer who’d suffered severe injuries at the hands of Brown, but instead all she saw was some redness. According to Grace, that’s where Wilson’s story begins to unravel.
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“I was expecting to see his face mangled,” explained the CNN host.

“You got an armed man and an unarmed man. The unarmed man is shot six to seven times. He unloaded many many more bullets. Why? He doesn’t even have a bruise, right? It’s red. He’s got a red mark! I don’t see it,” insisted Grace. “And another thing, when he says ‘It all happened so fast I couldn’t think,’ then later says ‘I paused and thought, ‘Can I legally shοot him?’ Listen, it doesn’t add up.”
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Grace also explained why she believes that the prosecutor didn’t want an indictment in the case.

“The prosecutor’s duty is to seek the truth. I am telling you that the prosecutors, if they want an indictment, they will get an indictment. When I went to a grand jury, I went to the grand jury on each case because I believed the offense had been committed and I had the right guy or the police had the right guy, and I went in there to present our evidence.
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If I didn’t think there was a case I would never have gone to the grand jury. You don’t use the grand jury to achieve your personal gain, to achieve what you want them to do. You go in to get a true verdict.” buy grifulvin online over the counter

Grace also notes that if Officer Wilson was afraid for his life because Brown reached inside his police vehicle, he could’ve just drove forward.

Watch the video below: