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Tamara and Tia Mowry involved in ugly lawsuit over money

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The sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry are caught up in a really ugly lawsuit that may end up costing them quite a bit of money.  According to The Jasmine Brand, the sisters are being sued by their former agent.  The agent is saying that the sisters left him high and dry and without payment for services rendered to them during their working relationship.

But actually, the sisters are saying that it was the other way around.

Tia also filed suit against agent Brian Hanley in California.   She says that Brian worked for Innovative Artists Agency and the sisters had a deal with the agency to send out tweets on their behalf.  In some cases, major brands will pay celebrities with large twitter followings to send out meaningless tweets on their behalf, selling or endorsing products for big companies.  The deals can be lucrative, netting the celebs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in some cases, maybe even millions.

This is why Kim Kardashian makes so much money without having very much talent.

Tia says that Hanley was to receive a 10% commission on the deal, but she says that he wasn’t giving her all of the money she deserved.    So, her lawsuit is based on her agent allegedly stealing money from both of the sisters, which of course he disputes.

This financial discrepancy was notable.  It turns out, according to the sisters, that Hanley still owed Tia $60,000.  This led her to file suit for the original $60k, plus another $120,000 in damages.

But this wasn’t all that happened, and the agent says that it might actually be Tamera who’s to blame for all of this.  He says that Tia actually stole money from him, or at the very least, should be looking at her sister for the money, not him.  According to Hanley, Tamera gained access to his account and had the ad agencies send the money to her instead of him.   Apparently, Brian feels that Tamera took Tia’s money and that she is the one to blame for her sister not getting paid.

Brian says that the only reason he held onto some of the money was to make sure that the IRS was getting paid.

So, it appears that this lawsuit is a huge mess.

To give some background, the Mowry sisters were born in Germany.  Tamera is now a host of the talk show, “The Real,” a talk show that seems obviously similar to “The View” and “The Talk.”  Apparently, being “real” means that you can appeal to women of color, which the show seems to be able to do.  Looks like all that money they’re making these days is making their lives more complicated.  Lawsuits can be brutal.





  1. Tamara

    November 2, 2014 at 9:04 pm


    Who is this shady “journalist” and what does Tamera’s being a host on The Real have to do with anything? Why was it necessary to mention the twins are from Germany? So what if the show appeals to women of color? Should there not be a show starring women of color that appeals to women of color? Would it be more “real” for you if they fought, had fake booties and called each other nasty names?

    Whoever you are, hater, you lack credibility when you throw unecessary shade at women of color. Stick to the facts before I unsubscribe from this rag of a newsletter for good!

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