Metta World Triece: 3 things you MUST know about natural hair

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by Metta World Triece

Natural Hair is the latest craze that has swept the nation in the last 7 years. It is a heaven send that every black woman wants because they just want to give those chemicals a rest. Even with relaxers women are beginning to lean more toward Organically Concentrated Hair Products in the store as well as creating their own hair regimens using things that they can find in their homes (olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut oil).

There are some who know exactly what to do and know exactly what their hair needs, but then there are others who are constantly trying to watch YouTube videos to try and re-create what they see the YouTube celebs use as their regimens.
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I am here to tell you that you have to find what works for YOU! Not what seems to work for everyone else. There is some natural hair that is fine, there is some that is coarse, there is some that is dry, there is some that is extremely ‘greasy’, there is some that is limp, and then there is some that is extremely thick. All you have to do is follow these tips and you will be much happier with your natural tresses and completely withdraw yourself from the creamy crack! buy zithromax generic no prescription

  1. Know Your Texture


Some African American women have hair that carries a looser curl than kinky tight curly haired women. Just remember that the kinkier your hair is, the more TLC (Treatment, Luster, and Conditioner) it deserves.


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  1. Moisture

Hair oil will be your best friend as well as Conditioning co-washes. You will need to use these two methods in order to allow your hair to stay healthy and not bring about any brittle breakage. And remember to wrap your hair with a silk scarf every night to keep moisture and maintain you mane.

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  1. Shrinkage

Shrinkage! It happens to everyone…

To get your hair to stretch a little bit without applying any major heat you can do braid outs, twist outs, roller sets, or just put your hair in a band and let your poof soar! buy azithromycin generic no prescription

Ladies just remember that your hair is just like anyone else’s, and don’t let others tell you anything different. You can do the same styles, use a lot of the same products and your hair can be just as beautiful and bouncy as anyone else’s. Just follow these 3 simple steps and begin your more natural, more healthy and more happy hair journey!

Good Luck!



Metta World Triece

“Your Natural Hair Sista”

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