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Mom Leaves 13-Year-Old Son In Feces-Infested Home For a Month

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Reported by Kacie Whaley

A mother and step-father were arrested for leaving his 13-year0ld son by himself in a house for almost month without central air or running water.  The step-father was arrested on Wednesday, and his wife was apprehended Friday.

Thirty-two-year-old Stephan Alcox and his wife, 30-year-old Jennifer Yanke, left their son alone in a run-down house that Alcox had been hired to fix, KDFW News reported.  He said he would have have someone stay at the house in the meantime.  No one knew that someone would be his young stepson.

Alcox and Yanke were staying in a hotel nearby.  Within the month that the boy lived in the Far East Dallas home, his mother and father came by and took him to their hotel room every few days for showers, the warrant affidavit stated. buy azithromycin online no prescription

A neighbor, Amber Bolton, saw the boy on Wednesday and made her way inside the house.  She searched around and discovered  there was no running water.  The teenager was left with peanut butter, cooking oil, cereal, cookies, and spaghetti to eat.  There was no central heating, but he did have a kerosene heater.  He would sleep on an air mattress.

“He seems a little bit emotionally numb,” Bolton told KDFW of the teen’s condition.  “He was skinny and his hair hadn’t been cut in a while, hadn’t been brushed in a while.”

A pit bull and German shepherd also lived at the residence, and dropped feces throughout the house.

When Bolton asked the teen why he did not stay at the hotel with his parents, he said that it would cost extra money for another person to stay in the room. buy ventolin online no prescription

Officers arrived at the residence Wednesday night, and later when Alcox showed up, they arrested him.

The boy told police that he was scared to stay in the home because someone had once entered the house through a broken window. buy albuterol online no prescription

Alcox and Yanke took their son out of school, so the teen “home-schools himself,” according to police.

He is currently in the custody of a family member, but his grandmother is trying to get the teen to move in with her.

The parents were charged with endangering and abandoning a child.