Metta World Triece: Why women should embrace their natural curls

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By: Metta World Triece

Put that relaxer down honey! And listen up!

African American women are becoming more and more in touch with who they are and the natural beauty that they posses through generations of fabulous women in their bloodline. One of the things that a lot of women are beginning to embrace more often than not is their beautiful natural, thick, kinky, coarse, curly hair. Chemical free seems to be the way to go for more and more women in the 21st Century; from YouTube videos to Pinterest pictures to t-shirts with natural hair slogans like “I got good hair, I got African in my family.”

It’s seeming like natural hair is creating a path for many who aren’t even looking back… Not even at that relaxer that is patiently waiting on the counter at Wal-Mart.

It wasn’t until my college years that I discovered what many students are trying to figure out, and that is who we are and how to be proud of our own bloodlines. One way that I became most proud was through my hair.

Once I did my “big chop”, which was not so big (just a little relaxer at a time), I learned that my chemically processed hair did not define who I was. My natural tresses added a little spice and sass that I didn’t know that I had. The process of learning about leave-in conditioners and sulfate free shampoos was a task but it was so worth the time and effort. The popular styles like bantu knotting my hair at night as well as trying to style the curls in the morning. It made me love ME. I felt rebellious, I felt sexy, I felt adorable, I felt cute, I felt independent, I felt revolutionary, I felt like a ‘bad mama-jamma” and most importantly I felt embracive.

I wanted to be remembered like the women from the pictures in the ’70’s who stood in front of the White House or some other location of power, with their leather black jackets on and their fists in the air. I felt like I needed to fight for women’s rights (not just black women, but all women), I felt like I needed to give people something to talk about. And I was able to do that with my natural hair, and I am still able to do just that. So why aren’t you? Well, let me inform you that you are capable of bringing in a ‘diva-storm’ like the one I brought 7 years ago. Anyone who looks down on natural hair and has never tried it, I will say either put up or shut up.


Natural is fabulous, it’s bold, it’s lovely, it’s amazing, and it’s strong just like us. So give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love the natural journey, just as much as I do.


Good Luck!


Metta World Triece

“Your Natural Hair Sista”

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