Ferguson Officer allegedly raped a Pregnant Woman

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Jeris Hayden, a former Ferguson corrections officer, is facing a federal lawsuit and felony charges for allegedly rαping a pregnant inmate and then allowing her to escape.  Hayden will be arraigned on December 3.  His charges include acceding to corruption by a public servant, permitting escape and sexual contact with a prisoner.  Hayden has been release on $10,000 bond, and his attorney Scott Rosenblum indicates that Hayden will plead not guilty to the charges.

The charges stem from events that occurred on October 9, 2013.  The victim, who is only identified as J.W., states that Hayden’s misconduct towards her began as soon has she became an inmate when Hayden booked her.  Hayden allegedly told her, “You smell good,” and “this will teach you a lesson.”  The woman was incarcerated for giving a false name and driving with expired license plates.  She reports that her boyfriend had already paid her $200 bond when Hayden rαped her in a boiler room at the jail.  The woman reportedly took a pubic hair that has been tested and confirmed to belong to Hayden.

Ferguson City Attorney Stephanie Karr reports that the city began an investigation as soon as they learned of the alleged incident and fired him on November 19, 2013.  Hayden had only been employed by the city for 18 months.  The victims attorney Bevis Schock feels that his clients case brings new concerns in a city already plagued by mistrust of law enforcement officers by community members.  In the federal lawsuit, Schock states, “The numerous acts of violence against the citzenry by law enforcement of the City of Ferguson constitute a pattern.”  The lawsuit also states that the victim was “several months pregnant.”

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