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Bill Cosby Allegedly Leaked Story About Daughter’s Drug Problems to Avoid Stripper Story

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In recent weeks allegations have re-emerged accusing beloved comedian Bill Cosby of sεxualbill cosby 2 abυse. According to Page Six, however, one of the most dastardly actions taken by Cosby didn’t involve other women, but Cosby’s own daughter.

The website is reporting that Cosby once threw his own daughter under the bus in order to avoid bad press.

Richard Johnson reports that he knew a reporter for the National Enquirer who had a good story about Cosby hanging with Sammy Davis Jr. and some showgirls in Las Vegas. The only problem was that this was in 1989 and “The Cosby Show” was #1 in the ratings. A story about Cosby’s sordid time with strippers was the last thing the comedian needed.

When confronted about the story, Cosby reportedly gave the magazine an alternate story to publish, one about his then 23 year old daughter Erinn’s struggles with drugs and alcohol.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and bloοd,” said my source.

“Deep down inside, she knows we love her,” Cosby was quoted as having said in the article, appearing as a loving and kind father.

Johnson goes on to recount a story of how ungrateful Cosby was to Robert Culp, even though it was Culp who had been central to Cosby’s career.

“Robert Culp was a good friend and client. He refused to do ‘I Spy’ unless Cosby was his co-star,” Hollywood publicist Dick Delson said. “Up until then, no African-American had ever co-starred in a TV series. Culp made it happen.”

Still, Cosby allegedly threw a fit at a request that he show up to Culp’s memorial service after he died in 2010.

“When he did show up, he refused to speak on Bob’s behalf,” Delson said.




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