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Should the LGBT Community Celebrate “Undercover” Married Men?

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Reported by Nigel Boys

The LGBT community often celebrates a man formerly married to a woman who chooses to come clean about his homosëxuality. Unfortunately, what’s not celebrated or told are the devastating effects their deception has on their family, according to the former wife of a man who married another man.

Under the pen name of Janna Darnelle to protect the identity of her family, a woman wrote an article which has since gone viral entitled “I refuse to be silent.” The article, for which she received much hostility and harassment, depicts the story of the devastating effect her ex-husband’s decision had on their children.

Darnelle’s story tells of a loving husband and father who decided in 2007 that he would give up his traditional family life to become homosëxual. She adds that her husband just announced to her one day that he wanted a divorce, without discussing the matter with her or the effect it would have on their two children — a girl and a boy.

Even though she pleaded with her husband to fight the temptation that he was going through for the sake of their family, he chose to only care about his needs, which was to embrace his gay identity, the scorned woman writes. She adds that his family had become a disposable thing to him.

Her husband even demanded in court that he should get everything he wanted from the divorce because he was a homosëxual, according to Darnelle. She adds that the judge apparently agreed with him because he ended up with primary custody of their children, then went on to marry his gay partner and was featured in USA Today.

Darnelle writes that her main concern is for the safety and morality of their children, who now live with their father in a condo with sixteen other homosëxual men. She adds that one of the men employs a 19-year-old male prοstitute to fulfill his desires and the leader of the group’s partner is almost 40 years his junior.

At the end of her article, Darnelle makes a plea for people to defend the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman only so that other children will not suffer as hers are doing now. She nearly lost her job after someone discovered her identity and contacted her employer.


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