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Miriam Carey Was Shοt in the Back 5 Times, Other White House Intruder Unharmed

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In April of this year an autopsy revealed that Miriam Carey, the Connecticut mother who drove miriam_careyher car through a White House security check point, was shοt five times in the back, and at least once in the back of the head, but so far she’s the only White House intruder who has been kιlled.

After a Capitol Hill car chase on October 3 2013, Capitol Hill police and Secret Service agents pounced on Carey’s vehicle, kιlling her after she allegedly failed to comply with commands.

Roll Call reports that Carey’s family rallied on the anniversary of her deαth in hopes of bringing attention to what they view as a miscarriage of justice.

Although the Secret Service has been blamed for incompetence in recent weeks for allowing a knife wielding man to make his way into the East Room of the White House and an armed felon to get on the elevator with Pres. Obama, no one was injured in those incidents.

In contrast, eight rounds were fired into Miriam Carey’s vehicle by those protecting the area, even though Carey never made her way onto White House grounds. Her 13 month old child was in the vehicle when she was gunned down.

Carey’s family filed a wrongful deαth lawsuit, but authorities say agents and police had no choice but to use lethal force since Carey had driven directly at law enforcement officials. They say Carey also ignored their commands to stop and instead placed her vehicle in reverse.

Family attorney Eric Sanders claimed that a misinformation campaign was waged against Carey.

“The authorities knew since October 10, 2013, despite popular misinformation, Miriam had no alcohol or drugs in her system, debunking the mental illness theory, and they also knew since December, 5 2013, that Miriam was shοt multiple times about her body including her head and back,” he said during an interview with Your Black World.