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Fed Up Teacher Quits Over Violent and Unruly Kids

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A Tennessee teacher shocked a room full of onlookers with her horror stories involving viοlent and disrespectful Danita Martinstudents.

DaNita Martin, a Shelby County school teacher, says she’s giving up after having encountered so many viοlent and unruly students.

“I had a student take a calculator and beat another student upside the head,” said Martin, a teacher at Grandview Heights Middle School, according WMC Action News 5. “Broke the calculator, and was not suspended … Another student got the scissors and started making a stαbbing motion. When I went to the administration, they said he was already suspended earlier today. What am I supposed to do?”

Martin says she’s abυsed by students on a daily basis and it’s all just become too much to bear.

“I’m called by my students gay, lesbian, dγke, sir. And my favorite, ‘white girl.’” Martin explained, “Students tell me, ‘Who the f-bomb do you think you’re speaking to?’ and, ‘Shut the F up’ talking to me, but they go unpunished.”

A parent offered support for the teachers who are forced to deal with out of control students.

“When the teachers try to control them, they even irate with the teachers,” said parent Latrina Robinson. “They shouldn’t have to come to school and be worried about being picked on and teased on and all of that. And then they be like they got it under control, and they don’t. They don’t control these kids.”

Robinson said she’s so disappointed in the school system that she’s moving her child out of the system.

The school system responded to the allegations made by the teacher.

“The allegations made last night were very serious, and we will need to investigate before we can provide an official response,” a SCS spokesperson wrote in a statement.