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Anita Baker is sued by her attorney for not paying his fees

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Soulful superstar Anita Baker is in the middle of yet another financial controversy.   Baker is being sued by a lawyer who claims that she used his services and didn’t pay him.  Ironically, this lawyer is the one who represented her when she was battling a contractor who also claimed that she didn’t pay him years ago.

Jamal Hamood filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Baker in Wayne County Court.  Hamood represented Baker in her legal battle two years ago, when a contractor worked on her home and said that she failed to pay him as well.  The first suit was for only $15,000, but she now owes her former attorney $150,000, according to Hamood’s suit.

Now, Hamood told WXYZ-TV  that he worked for Anita for more than a year.  During the course of that period, he racked up $69,000 for travel, salary and other expenses.  The amount of the suit may also reflect the legal work necessary to file.

A status conference for the suit is scheduled for January 2.

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story:

READ MORE via Financial Juneteenth | Anita Baker is sued by her attorney for not paying his fees.


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