4 Principles That Govern Successful People | Cherese Jackson

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By Cherese Jackson

If I asked when was the last time you were in a mall and needed directions, you’d probably laugh, right? After all, we tend to frequent our local malls and shopping centers so much we could find our way around blindfolded. Chances are you haven’t even noticed those tall, two sided billboards that house advertisements and store locators. The next time you see those boards, I want you to take note of the map and the big red dot that says, “You Are Here.”

Often, in the haste to get to our destinations, we breeze right past the map and are content to wander until familiarity kicks in and we find our way. There’s really not a lot to lose when it involves a sale at our favorite store, but when you factor in a career, family, health and relationships, the stakes increase dramatically. There is a certain danger in wandering without direction that can lead to delay and destruction. As the saying goes, “If you don’t where you’re going, ANY road will do.”

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