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St. Louis Honor Student Latasha Williams Loses Eye in Drive-By

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A St. Louis honor student lost an eye after a drive by shooter hit her instead of the intended latasha williamsvictim.

Latasha Williams, 14, was having a pleasant day, according to Fox2News, when her peace was destroyed by a reckless criminal.

Latasha, a high school freshman, was collecting money, along with her younger sister, Daja, as a reward for the good grades on her report card.

“Everyone was giving her dollars and telling her good job,” her aunt, Shantell Barge, told the news station.

The teen and her sister took their money and went to a local convenience store to buy snacks at around 8:30pm on Friday evening.

“It’s not even decent for kids to be in the park,” said their mother, Donnitta Turner. “They can’t walk around this neighborhood like we grew up.   It was better when we grew up.  We could be outside.  We could play.  We can’t even do this out here.  It’s sad.  Something’s got to give,” Turner said.

Witnesses say the gunman, who was driving a red Monte Carlo, drove up and emerged out of the sunroof, then opened fire. Dozens of shell casings were found at the scene.

Daja said she was able to take cover after gunfire erupted but her sister wasn’t as lucky since she was inside the store.

“I climbed under the car as far as I could get.  I’m looking out the corner of my eye and I’m looking at all of the gunshots bouncing off the ground…the next thing you know my step sister is screaming, ‘Tasha’s hit.  Tasha’s hit, call the police’,” Daja said.

Latasha lost an eye and was also hit in the arm.

“That’s the only store the kids have to walk to and get candy.  Unfortunately, there’s people out there all the time,” Barge explained.

The man responsible for the shooting has not been apprehended.