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“Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete,” Declares America’s Most Elite Magazine

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In America there is no shortage of world class athletes, but according to New Yorker writerSerena Williams Ian Crouch, the greatest athlete America can call its own is Serena Williams.

As Crouch explains, by winning the U.S. Open for the sixth time, Williams placed herself in an elite group of athletes. It may actually be a generation before we see an athlete of this magnitude again.

“Serena Williams’s victory over Caroline Wozniacki puts her in rarefied company in the history of women’s tennis. It was her eighteenth Grand Slam singles title, tying her with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova,” observed Crouch.

And Williams is achieving at this level even as she gets older and her competition gets younger.

“Williams has been to twenty-two Slam finals, and has lost only four times. At thirty-two, less than two months younger than Roger Federer, who is considered to playing in the near-twilight of his career, she is the oldest player to hold the women’s world No. 1 ranking.”

When Crouch named Williams the best athlete, he’s not just saying she’s the best female athlete. He’s referring to overall greatness.

“Forget tennis for a moment, though: when I say the greatest athlete in a generation, I mean the greatest in any sport. Sorry, LeBron. Sorry, Tiger. Sorry, Derek. For fifteen years, over what is, in fact, two generations in tennis, Williams has been a spectacular and constant and yet oddly uncherished national treasure. She is wealthy and famous, but it seems that she should be more famous, the most famous. Anyone who likes sports should love Williams, a dazzling combination of talent, persistence, style, unpredictability, poise, and outsized, heart-on-her-sleeve flaws.”

Do you agree with Crouch’s assessment? Is anyone out there better than Serena?