Rape Victim Forced to Pay Child Support

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Reported by Bahiya Lawrence, Esq.

When Arizona resident Nick Olivas was just a fourteen year old boy, he was engaged by a twenty year old woman to have sëx. Subsequently, eight years later he was hit with legal papers ordering that he pay for the support of a daughter. A daughter which he apparently fathered with the then-twenty year old woman.

Now putting aside their ages, this is seemingly a common situation. But for Olivas, this situation is far from common because according to Arizona state law, Olivas is a victim of statutory rαpe being that the mother of his child was twenty years old when she engaged him. In fact, in most states statutory rαpe is a strict liability crime, meaning your mental state is irrelevant, i.e. “she/he looked grown” or “she/he consented.”

Generally, the courts will not pursue financial support from a victim of statutory rαpe when the assailant has been convicted of the crime. Unfortunately, Olivas did not file charges against the woman. To the contrary, in matters of child support requests, the court always considers the best interests of the child.

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