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Just Tacky: Floyd Mayweather’s baby’s mamas need to get a life

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There may not be anything more irritating than to watch two grown women with kids go at it on Instragram, Twitter or Facebook.  Actually, it’s even worse when the women are fighting over a man that doesn’t belong to any of them, and material possessions that they never bought.

Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter in the world and one of the richest athletes around.  So, this is going to attract women, a lot of them.  Floyd also takes the chaos with him wherever he goes, getting into regular beefs with rappers like 50 Cent and TI, getting arrested for domestic violence and all kinds of other nonsense.  This is the prime of his life, and when his boxing career comes to an end in 3 or 4 years, it’ll all settle down.

Josie Harris and Melissia Brim are the two women who’ve had the distinct financial pleasure of bearing Floyd’s children.   The two were battling with each other Instagram this week over clothes that Josie says she saw Melissa wearing in public.  She claims that Melissa is wearing clothing that belonged to a woman nicknamed “Dade County” who once lived with Mayweather.  Turns out that “Dade County” is Floyd’s ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson.

“You went from 0 to 100 to wearing Dade County’s leftovers real quick,” Josie said on Instagram. “Are you enjoying Miss J’s old house, shoes and bags? But where your son and your son daddy at though? I’m just saying…#aintshitinyourname oh wait #exceptforthat1985sidepiece sewed into the side of your anteater face #takeyourbigassturkeyturkeydrumsticklegsbacktodisneyland #nellycomegetyouroldchick.”

Not to be outdone, Melissa came back with a reply.   She even accompanied her remark with a picture of her with Floyd that showed Josie in the background of the image.

“STL was all thru the flights zero to 100. Nah baby you went zero to 200 lbs real quick!!! Ahahahaha still look pretty,” Melissia replied.

It appears that these women love Floyd for his handbags and not his literacy level.  Just last week, Floyd was in an ugly battle with the rapper 50 Cent over whether or not he could read.  Floyd’s simple response was to take a picture of two checks totalling $72 million dollars, with the caption, “Read this.”  Apparently, the money is all he needs to keep the ladies coming and making themselves look silly.

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