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Contributor Goldie Taylor Let Go From MSNBC

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Pundit Goldie Taylor announced on Twitter today that she and MSNBC have parted ways:

Goldie Taylor tweet

Taylor said she was not offered a renewal for her contract, but did not offer any additional specifics:

Goldie Taylor 2

“In the coming hours + days, I will take some time to survey the road ahead and the work yet undone,” tweeted Taylor, adding, “I do not know what is next for me, but I know that I will devote more time to writing– to telling untold stories.”

Someone tweeted, “See you at FOX News soon”, to which Taylor replied,”only if they cover my wake,” so we can assume the former MSNBC pundit isn’t headed to the right wing news source.

Taylor appeared on several MSNBC shows discussing a wide variety of issues, most recently sharing her thoughts on the Ray Rice domestic abυse situation and prior to that, revealing her own history of domestic viοlence for an opinion piece:

“What’s in the bag?” he said, pulling my duffel from my shoulder. I braced myself as he unzipped the bag. His expression softened and, for a moment, I let myself breathe. Looking back now, I think maybe he thought I was leaving him. Maybe I should have been. He seemed relieved. He even smiled as he lifted a ruined shirt.

The first blow took me by surprise. There was another and another. If I close my eyes, I can still feel him kicking me in my side, the way my swollen lips stung. I remember being choked. Then there was darkness.