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Clown Fired for Calling Woman “Nappy Head” and Saying She Looked “Unbeweavable”

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A Tennessee clown who worked at The Delta Fair over Labor Day weekend was hired to mean clownanger people so that they would throw balls and dunk him in a pool of water, but one family says the clown crossed a line.

“We heard over the loud speaker someone said ‘Hey nappy head,'” Tanya Jones told WMC-TV. “When we heard that we looked at each other because we didn’t know who they were talking to..”

Jones says she was with her family, which included young kids, and even though she knew the clown was intentionally hurling insults, he just wouldn’t back off.

“He was like ‘yeah I’m talking to you, Sheneneh … you look unbeweavable,'” said Mario Curry.

The Delta Fair not only refunded the family’s money, but they also fired the clown who hurled the insults.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I was really humiliated,” said Jones.

President of the Delta Fair, Mark Lovell, confirmed that the clown was let go because of his rude remarks.

“We try to promote the Delta Fair as clean, safe and family friendly,” said Lovell. “We try to keep the comments fun without sεxual and racial connotations.”

Although clowns in the U.S. are usually more tame than the one Ms. Jones encountered, this is not the first time a clown has been the source of tension.

A clown across the pond in Northampton modeled himself after the child kιller in a Stephen King horror story and instead of insulting people, scares them half to deαth.

The clown, who appears on darkened streets, became an internet sensation after spooking the locals.

“I just wanted to amuse people,” said the clown. “Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards. It’s like watching a horror movie. When people get scared they usually start laughing.”