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You Are Carrying Passion & Purpose On The Inside Of You? | Professor JT

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By John Turner (Professor JT)

One of the greatest events of all Human Kind is the birth of a child. The creation process is one of amazement and beauty as a Woman’s body becomes the creation station of a beautiful child. To see what a Woman goes through as the creation process happens is something of perplexity and excitement, as week after week and month after month goes by and one can see the changes she goes through. We at times have to look at our own lives as such when it comes to the passion and purpose that we have for our lives.

With every life event that we go through, it molds and shapes the passion and the purpose that is inside of us. Things get uncomfortable at times, we can’t sleep at night, we feel pain; we get frustrated with what is going on in our minds and spirits. These are the things that we cannot take for granted because with all the pain and suffering that a Mother goes through when she is carrying her child, there is still joy that comes in the end with the birth of her child. That is what we have to think about when we’re going through hard times with our passion and purpose, our time of conception with our dreams where all the pain and suffering pays off, is the big end goal that we have to hold onto during difficult times.

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