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Woman Admits Gαgging Newborn With Tαmpon and Dumping It in Trash

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An Indianapolis woman has reportedly admitted gαgging her newborn baby with a tampon and then leaving it to dιe in a trash can.

Briana Holland

Briana Holland

Briana Holland, 22, allegedly gave birth to a baby boy while at work and tossed him in the trash.

Before dumping the child in the trash, she wrapped toilet paper around his neck and stuffed a tampon in the child’s mouth.

Workers where Holland is employed say they found the newborn with a bag over his head and stopped the boy from bleεding to deαth from his umbilical chord.

An unnamed employee was alerted to strange sounds coming from the bathroom and after determining the source of the noise, the worker wrapped the baby in a shirt to keep him warm.

Doctors say the baby could’ve died from loosing too much bloοd or from hypothermia.

The baby was cold, purple, and gasping for air when workers found it in the trash can.

Holland reportedly went right back to work after giving birth and leaving her newborn in the trash can. She was arrested at 5am the following morning.

The newborn weighed 7.9 lbs and his health is reportedly improving.

The state’s safe haven law allows anyone to give up custody of a child less than 30 days old at a hospital or fire station without fear of reprisal.

The girl’s boyfriend told authorities that he had no idea that Holland was pregnant and learned about her giving birth on Twitter. He says he plans to seek custody of the boy.

A judge entered a temporary plea of not guilty for Holland, who has been charged with attempted mυrder and child neglect.

Holland reportedly admitted to investigators that she couldn’t afford to care for the child since she is in college and working, according to the affidavit.

When officers asked Holland what she thought would happen to the child, she was honest.

“I know what the results would probably be. It would probably dιe.”