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Why Do You Do What You Do? | TracyMac

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whyBy TracyMac

On average most of us work a 40 to 60 hour week. Why? Have you ever wondered why we work longer hours if technology has saved us so much more time? I remember mimeographs, rolodexes, typewriters, having to drive or walk inner office mail, rotary phones, microfiche, short-hand and going to work from 9am -5pm, which included a one hour lunch break. People probably spend more waking hours with those they work for and or with than they do with their most intimate relationships. Why? Between your commute times, working hours and the few hours you get to sleep, you have to wonder some time, what it’s all for? With so much time invested in your work, do you know why you do what you do? Do you remember? Do you remember when the job you have now was your testimony, you prayed for it, but somehow it may have become your test?

Of course most of us have jobs to make money. But why this one? Why this way? We can get so looped that the “why” becomes lost, forgotten and in many cases, it doesn’t even matter anymore. That’s when you know the robotic and the mundane may have the upper hand. And if it’s that way for you, it does not have to continue. Asking one simple question can lead to creating a correction course that can put the pep and swag back into the career side of your life’s journey. Because asking questions puts a demand on getting satisfying and hope-filled answers to live by! One question you can ask yourself is: Why do I do what I do? Sometimes you have to get a grip and remember why you want to be or choose to do whatever job you do now, including being self-employed. Why? Remember?

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