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What You Can Learn About Weight-Loss From a Dancer | Healthy Black Woman

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healthyBy: Krystle Crossman

Personal trainer and former professional dancer Simone De La Rue loves seeing the faces of women who have reached their fitness goals. She says that she has tips that she gives every woman who is trying to lose weight that are meant to encourage and motivate instead of push. Here are ten of her best tips:

1. Graze on food through the day. Your metabolism is like a car. It needs gas to go. Food is the gas for your metabolism. If you are low on food your metabolism will start to slow down and that is when you begin to store fat. Graze through the day on healthy snacks to keep your metabolism running strong.

2. Diets do not work. Once you feel that you have hit your goal and go off the diet you end up right back where you were. Most of them are just fads and do not give lasting results like hard work and a proper workout routine will.

3. Pick some music that will inspire you and make you move. Working out is always better with music as you can run/walk to the beat and do other timed activities while making them more fun.

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