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Sherri Shepherd’s surrogate gives birth to the baby she no longer wants

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Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.52.16 PMSherri Shepherd, who recently left her show, “The View,” is even deeper in the midst of a recent financial challenge with her family.  Right in the middle of her divorce, it has been reported by TMZ that Shepherd’s surrogate recently gave birth.

The child was a boy, born in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately for the child, he has no mother.  The woman who gave birth to him was planning to give him away.  The eggs that were fertilized to create him belong to a woman he will probably never meet.  Finally, the woman who signed the contract to be his mother, Sherri Shepherd, doesn’t want him anymore.

Shepherd has stated that she has no more interest in being a mother to the child, since her husband Lamar Sally is now divorcing her.  She claims that Sally set the whole thing up, convinced her to have a baby so that he could collect child support after the divorce.

The case is still pending in court, and Lamar was reportedly upset to see that Sherri didn’t buy any gifts for the baby shower.  He is, however, looking forward to being a dad.

What do you think?  Does Sherri owe anything to this child? If not, then who does?

Should there be laws in place to protect children from situations like this?  It seems strange that a person can have a child and then walk away with no financial obligation whatsoever.  Sherri’s first ex-husband took her to court, claiming that she is an unfit mother.  She argued the case successfuly, but is a mother unfit if she chooses to ignore her responsibility?

Tell us what you think.