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Sherri Shepherd says her husband stole from her, but did he really?

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In the book, “Financial Lovemaking,” Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown talk about the rules of love, life and money.  One of the things that they discuss are what it means to marry someone who doesn’t match your financial swagger.

In relation to the recent divorce proceedings between Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband Lamar Sally, Watkins says that there are quite a few Financial Lovemaking lessons to learn from their relationship.

“Size does matter,” says Dr. Watkins, who has a PhD in Finance.  “In the case of Sherri Shepherd, her financial size is massive, so there are always going to be fickle dynamics when someone of her stature marries someone of lesser means.”

Watkins is referring to the drama behind Shepherd’s recent divorce filings against Sally. The divorce got even messier this week when Shepherd claimed that Sally stole $20,000 out of their joint bank account.  But the confusion for Dr. Watkins and Ebony Magazine Entertainment Director S. Tia Brown is over the fact that the account was jointly owned by Shepherd and Sally.

“I’m not sure you can say that your spouse stole from you when you have a joint bank account,” says Dr. Watkins.  “That’s unless you want to file a police report stating that he should be arrested for bank robbery.  I can’t imagine the bank letting him get access to Sherri’s money without Sherri’s permission.”

So, this begs the question:  Does Shepherd make herself look silly by reporting to the media that Sally allegedly “stole” money from her that was in a joint bank account?  What about the surrogate child that she and Sally were having together?  Shepherd has claimed that she doesn’t want anything to do with the child, now that her relationship with Sally is over.

Watkins says that Sherri needs to learn the meaning of the word “commitment.”

“Your commitment to Mr. Sally is one thing, and it’s your right to break that commitment if you’d like.  But you also made a commitment to that child, and that commitment should not be broken either emotionally or financially,” says Dr. Watkins.  “At this point, Sherri’s actions appear to be a bit petty and vindictive, so she should be careful about how she makes herself look in all of this.”

In the video below from the show, “Financial Lovemaking,” Watkins and Brown discuss Sherri Shepherd, Lamar Sally and the bank account situation.  There are a lot of things we can learn from all of this.