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“She Needs to Drop a Few” Says Fox News Dr. About Michelle Obama

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First Lady Michelle Obama has been in the cross-hairs of right wing pundits for everything Michelle Obamafrom pushing healthier eating to having a garden at the White House, and now a Fox News doctor is taking Mrs. Obama to task for her weight.

Mrs. Obama is usually lauded for having such a slim and muscular shape at the age of 50, but one Fox News pundit speculated that first lady, who stands at 5’11, is actually overweight.

On Fox News “Outnumbered” on Tuesday morning, they were supposed to be debating school lunches, but instead Dr. Keith Ablow took the opportunity to make disparaging comments about Mrs. Obama.

“How well could she be eating?” Dr. Ablow snarked, after watching a clip of Mrs. Obama advocate healthier school lunches. “She needs to drop a few. Let’s be honest. We’re taking nutrition advice from who? Let’s be honest, there are no french fries happening? That’s all kale and carrots? I don’t buy it. I’m just saying, her husband, I’d like some nutrition information from Barack.”

Ablow’s co-anchors were surprised by his comments.

“You did not,” said co-anchor Harris Faulkner. “Oh, my goodness gracious.”

Fox News co-anchor Kennedy chimed in to say, “Yeah, Michelle Obama, she needs to lose some junk in the trunk” and “I like her booty.”

Then Dr. Ablow seemed a little embarrassed at his remark and encouraged others to join with him.

“Join me in my criticism,” he said.

Host Sandra Smith also refused to take the bait:  “Hold on. The fitness of the first lady aside and her presentation aside, I have no comments on that.”

So in the end, Dr. Ablow was out there on a limb by himself making fun of Mrs. Obama’s weight. Serves him right, don’t you think?